Iceland, Day 2: Höfn

On day 2 we flew from Reykjavík to Höfn, a fishing town in the Southeast part of the country. We did so on a small regional plane with the capacity of about 15 passengers. The flight was about 1 hour long.

The Höfn airport was probably the smallest I’ve ever seen:

The Höfn Airport

The landscape around Höfn is hilly, but on that day the low clouds obscured the hills so it was hard to tell how tall they were. Despite the Nordic climate, the area was apparently heavy on agriculture, with crop fields, water towers and grain elevators here and there.

We immediately headed to the coast for our planned hike, and parked near this charming viking-styled shop:

It took us a few minutes to get to the sea shore, for which we had to hike around another cloud-covered hill.

At some point we approached something that looked like a farm from afar, but it turned out to be a medieval viking fortress. We were told that it had been built a few years ago as a set for a TV show involving vikings:

The trail kept heading towards the sea shore, following the slope of a rocky hill.

There was not a soul in the area but our small group and a few grazing sheep:

In a few minutes the trail reached the shore, with a view of a cove and a nearby mountain:

The beach was of dark sand with lots of sea-washed rocks scattered around:

We followed the trail along the coast for about an hour and finally reached a marshy inlet, probably the mouth of a river:

This is where out hike ended. We headed to the hotel, which was in the town of Höfn. Note the flags of all Scandinavian countries in front of the hotel, all of them featuring the same cross pattern rendered in different colors:

The next morning Höfn greeted us with sun, clouds and cool wind.

After a hearty breakfast that featured at least three kinds of herring, we headed west down the coast, while admiring the scenery:

Our next destination is the famous Glacial Lagoon, or Jökulsárlón – but this is the story for the next episode.

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