The Watertowers of Mendocino

Mendocino is a charming town in a picturesque seaside setting, with several blocks of 19th century buildings. Besides its ocean views, river estuary, art galleries, superb restaurants and artisan shops, this town is famous for its watertowers.

The watertowers are omnipresent in Mendocino. It seems like almost every property has one. One, two or more of them can bee seen from any point in the town.

Most of these watertowers were built in the 19th century. Each tower was usually accompanied by a windmill that would power the pump that pumped the water from a creek or a well into the tank at the top of the tower.

Nowadays most of the windmills are gone, but many towers are still in operation since the town has no centralized water supply system. Most of the pumps are powered by electricity.

Mendocino, CA
Above: a view of Mendocino Main Street with three watertowers visible. Can you find all three?


The water towers come in various shapes and sizes, some of them still in use and some not, some even converted to living quarters.


Dining in Mendocino Village

Dining opportunities in Mendocino Village are abundant and diverse. I can recommend Cafe Beujolais ( featuring organically grown and locally caught food, and Trillium Cafe ( also featuring an organic menu. For drinks one might want to check out the bar at Flow Restaurant and Lounge (

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