Looking back at 2017

2017 was a year of great snowfalls in the Sierras. But I couldn’t take full advantage of it since my winter season started with a knee injury, and the first thing that happened to me in January was knee surgery…. luckily for me it went well and in a couple of months I was back on the slopes:

About to go down the Wall
Kirkwood: on the top of The Wall – one knee injury, one knee surgery and two months later


While the knee was recovering, bicycling  proved to be a great alternative to running and tennis

Vasona Lake
Los Gatos Creek Trail


Bicycling allowed us to discover new trails and new beautiful places around the Bay Area.

Coyote Hill Park
Biking in Coyote Hill State Park


Some good days in the spring allowed us to enjoy the Pacific Coast.

Fisherman at Pomponio Beach
San Francisco. Lands End.
Beach at Land’s End, San Francisco


Point Reyes in mid-June was cold and windy but pretty as usual…



…while the town of Olema was warm, sleepy and reminiscent of the good old times:



The Russian summer was unusually cold, but I managed to get a beach day at Volga River:

At the Volga River Bank In Dubna


A quick stop in Copenhagen on the way back was a delight:



The highlight of the summer was Iceland. It was cold, sometimes rainy, but the views and the food were great. Reykjavik turned out to be quite a fun city:

Reykjavik, Iceland


We saw a few glaciers and glacial lagoons

Kristinartindar Trail


Climbed the Kristinantindar Peak

Kristinartindar Trail


..and hiked along dozens of waterfalls on Skoga river:

Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland


…all that while meeting a bunch of very cool folks:

Glymur Falls Trail, Iceland


A quick stop in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the way back made us want to visit this city again



In September I went to Hetch Hetchy for the fist time ever, and it was absolutely stunning:

Hetch Hetchy Valley


Bicycling around San Francisco Bay in the fall was also fun – we saw the salt ponds for the first time:

Alviso Slough at San Francisco Bay
Salt ponds at Alviso Slough


Alviso Slough at San Francisco Bay
Pelicans over the Guadaluoe Slough


San Francisco treated us with the performance conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas at SF Symphony,

San Francisco Symphony


as well as with the archaeological exhibit at De Young Museum from the recent excavations at Teotihuacan:

Teotihuacan Exhibition at De Young Museum, Oct. 2017


We spent a weekend at the Union Inn in Volcano (for the first time in all these years!) :

The Union Inn in Volcano, CA
The Union Pub, Volcano, CA, in the morning

A weekend in Yosemite in early November was a feast of fall colors, clouds and skies:

Yosemite in November


A few days in the tropical paradise of Turks and Caicos were a welcome break from the brutal Californian weather…

Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos Islands


… while a warm Saturday in December made San Francisco feel warm and cozy:

The Presidio, San Francisco


Given the poor snow cover in the Sierras, the slow and easygoing Mendocino Coast is a great alternative getaway for the last days of the year.

Pacific Coast in Elk, CA 01384


Happy New Year! May the 2018 bring new hopes. joy and impressions into your lives!
Mendocino Coast
December 31, 2017

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