Yosemite in November

I’ve been to Yousemite a countless number of times, but every time it looks different. Our last visit was in mid-November, just before the first snowfall. The fall colors were in their full spectrum.

The weather in Sierra Nevada can be unpredictable, especially in November. Our forecast said rain and rain, and as we entered the park on Saturday morning it looked like a rainy weekend was awaiting us indeed:

Yosemite in November


It felt like the skies were about to open and start pouring, so we started with a short stroll up to Mirror Lake. The stormy skies were reflected in the still surface of Merced River:


However, as we were approaching the lake the clouds began to disperse and we got some glimples of the sunlight and blue sky. The Half Dome was still behind the cloudy veil:


By the time we reached Mirror Lake the weather looked way more promising:

Yosemite in November


Next morning we woke up at dawn and were wondering what kind of weather was the day going to bring us. We started our morning walk around the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (former Ahwahnee), and the surrounding looked quite majestic:

Yosemite in NovemberYosemite in November


As the time passed by and we walked down the Valley, the fog was gradually yielding to the sunlight:

Yosemite in November


As the sunrise progressed the Yosemite Valley still looked sleepy and serene:

Yosemite in November


The Half Dome appeared in its majestic beauty:

Yosemite in NovemberYosemite in November


After the dry summer season the Yosemite Falls became Yosemite Walls:

Yosemite in November


The Merced River was slow and quiet:

Yosemite in November

Yosemite in November


Patches of the fog were melting under the rays of the sun:

Yosemite in November


The fog, the woods and the gray granite of the Valley walls made a perfect background for the small chapel:

Yosemite in November


Some of the views just begged to be rendered in black and white:

Yosemite in November


As we were heading back we stopped near one of the tunnels to get the final view of Yosemite Valley and Bridalveil Falls:

Yosemite in November


We also got a view of Foresta while it was lit by the sun through a clearing in the clouds:

A View at Foresta in Yosemite


In the end we made a side trip to Hetch Hetchy Valley which looked just the same as in September:

Hetch Hetchy in November



Sticking to my rule of no travel blog post without food recommendations: for dining in Yosemite Valley see my post Yosemite in September, and if you’re hungry around Hetch Hetchy Valley then try the Tavern at Evergreen Lodge, about half way between Highway 120 and Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. It’s located in a wood log building with a big bar and the menu that is simple, no nonsense and quite good, especially after a day of hiking!





  1. I have seen countless photos of Yosemite across the net. All the photos have one thing in common: they are all stunning (including your shots for that matter). I hope to see this place up close and personal someday. Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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